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No other East Windsor organization has worked to provide all these benefits when you walk in the door.

1. Internet and public computers support our community members in:

a. conducting job searches, resume writing, training and educational research, 
b. completing college and school projects, 
c. watching developing news, 
d. gathering government  and tax information,
e. making small business decisions and marketing, 
f. conducting real estate searches, 
g. finding how-to videos, 
h. pursuing hobby interests, 
i. connecting with family and friends.

2.  Books (including audio and large print), DVDs, and magazines for your entertainment and informational needs.

3.  Programs to support children's:

a.  literacy,
b.  development,
c.  socialization, and
d.  school preparation

...while connecting parents, guardians, and caregivers in mutual support and

   information sharing.


4.  Programs for adults and young adults that entertain and educate.

Some our 2019 programs included:

Oak Street Artists Exhibit
Diwali celebration
Book Talk with Susan Campbell
Lego Day

5.  Museum and park passes are available, giving discount or free admission for your "Day-cation."

Please support the library when you speak at public meetings.

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