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Warning Signs

  • Expressing extremist views or bigotry but saying they are “just jokes” or “just asking questions”. Established online extremist will often frame their views as jokes in an attempt to avoid accusations of bigotry. Your child may also present their comments as jokes to test the waters and see how openly they can express these opinions.


  • Your child expresses fears of a “Great Replacement” or the belief that another group of people is going to “overrun” the country or “wipe out” your ethnic/racial/religious group.


  • Your child expresses belief in antisemitic conspiracy theories such as “Jews control the world”.


  • Presenting what they claim are “scientific facts” that show the superiority of one race over another, or which claim that another race or ethnicity is “genetically inferior”. Scientific-sounding language may also be used to justify sexism, homophobia, and transphobia.


  • Blaming immigrants, migrants, or refugees for social ills. Describing immigrants as “dirty”, “criminals” or even “not human”.


  • Believe in male supremacy and supporting misogyny. Trying to police the behavior and appearance of women and girls.


  • Talk of the need for violence or social collapse to “fix” things or right societal collapse. Talking about the January 6th Insurrection as a positive event. Talk of a “second Civil War”.

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