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Guide to Online Youth Radicalization

What is Online Radicalization?

Online radicalization is when someone's online activities- watching YouTube videos, hanging out on Discord, reading websites, and so on- lead them towards adopting extremist religious, political, or bigoted views.


Extremist beliefs claim that groups who don't share the same identity- racial, ethnic, gender, sex, religion, political, etc- are in total opposition to one another. Extremist believers argue that this imagined opposition can only be resolved by both groups completely separating socially, or by their own group dominating or even exterminating others. These beliefs often lead to dangerous opinions and goals, such as violence and a desire for authoritarianism.


Online radicalization is especially easy when someone gets into an “information bubble” and there are no competing viewpoints to challenge their ideology. 


Extreme misogyny and sexism are also a problem online due to certain social media influencers who promise teen boys and young men extravagant lifestyles, power, money, and access to women’s bodies if they follow a particular mentality.  

Some Things to Know First


Warning Signs

How You Can Make A Difference

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